Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to Basic

Back to Basics, alluding to the return to a simple life has been the phrase of the times we are in. When I think of basic I think of basic cable, you know cable that has only the "necessary" channels and not all the others that we seem to think that we need; which by the way we lived without for many of years before we were marketed into thinking that we needed 500+ channels; and yet still we have nothing to watch. Yes, basic, the impetus for this post. How many of us have marketed into thinking that we could not live without this or that, when at one point or another we did? Not only did we live without it we were doing OK. And now after having it, we still feel as if we have nothing.

Basic is defined as a starting point or basis. So going back to basics would imply returning to the basis of who we were, stripping away or casting off all unnecessary acquisitions and attachments. Oprah challenged her audience to the mantra of "Less stuff - more meaning." Living with less stuff or the basic stuff we begin to look at what we truly are and then let go of what we never really have been, the illusion. This can happen in a material way by defining how we live or ridding our homes of excess or it can happen by a shift in our thinking, ridding our minds of excess; shall I say vice versa, because the shift needs to happen in our minds first - just be aware it can change your world!


  1. I am the definition of simplicity, yet I have to consciously think about how to simplify my life-- shouldn't it be natural for someone like myself ? And most times it is, but at times I do find myself accumulating more than I need. We refer to that as luxury, and aren't we entitled to a little luxury once in a while? Yes we are, but when we live in such times, we have to be more conscious about our haves and our necessities.
    Most of us have some extras we don't need, yet we hold on to it, for what purpose....... just in case we need it. Well, the truth is, we don't need the 10th jacket or the 100th sweater when in reality we only wear that one jacket and the same old raggedy sweater.
    We should all be more aware of how we define our lives. We should challenge ourselves and start defining our lives by our thoughts and our actions, not by our unnecessary acquisitions.

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